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This cane features an intricate repousse untested gold plate pommel top

The shaft is made from flexible whangee bamboo with an original brass ferrule.

*Please note this cane is not suitable for weight-bearing*

A traditional cane perfect for a collector

Length - 85.5cm
Diameter of the top - 2.8cm
Diameter of the shaft under the top - 1.4cm
Weight - 98g

'Whangee refers to any of over forty Asian grasses of the genus Phyllostachys, a genus of bamboos. They are a hardy evergreen plant from Japan, China and the Himalayas whose woody stems were often used to make canes and umbrella handles. The word derives from the Chinese (Mandarin) huáng lí. It can also refer to a cane made from whangee. Charlie Chaplin’s character, The Little Tramp, is famously known for his whangee cane and John Steed, the dapper secret agent from television’s The Avengers, was known for carrying an umbrella with a whangee handle.'


Good condition with a natural flex & gold plate loss to the top. 

Antique Flexible Whangee Bamboo Stick / Cane - Repousse Gold Pommel Top

SKU: A225894051738
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