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Antique Greenall Brewery Farnworth & Kearsley Labour Club Bolton Walking Stick - Collar & Crown H/m Silver 1926​

This stick has a crook handle with a silver crown and collar which are hallmarked:
'Birmingham 1926'
With a makers mark 'J.H' for 'Jonathan Howell'

The collar has a presentation reading:
'Presented to
T.Greenall J.F
by the F&K Labour Club
for services rendered
April 5th 1930'

The F & K Labour club is still today situated in Bolton, the home Greenall Whitley Brewery.

The stick has a rosewood shaft and an original bovine horn ferrule

Measures at - 
Handle Width - 12cm
Stick Height - 84cm
Shaft Diameter - 1.9cm

Antique Greenall Brewery F & K Labour Club Bolton Walking Stick H/m Silver 1926

SKU: A223919645815
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