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Antique HM 1909 Silver Bull Dog's Head Top Walking Stick/Cane By Jonathan Howell

SKU: G0958

This antique walking cane features a hand carved wooden bull dogs head top with the addition of inset glass eyes
The cane has a hallmarked silver collar for Birmingham 1909 by maker J.H
Jonathan Howell
A solid bamboo cane shaft which is finished with a metal ferrule end, ready for use

The cane measures 89.5cm tall with a 6cm wide top and a 1.5cm diameter shaft
The cane weighs 162 grams


Good used condition. Minor dings to the silver.

The largest member of the grass family, bamboo grows very rapidly in a kind of tree shape.  Unlike Malacca, bamboo is hollow.   Lightweight, sturdy and durable, bamboo was used to make virtually anything, including canes, popular in the early 20th century.  The canes from the Edwardian and Victorian periods featured shiny, polished bamboo with curved handles, and often embellished shafts. Bamboo canes sometimes had silver handles.  Metal-topped canes were popular during this time and simple silver knob handles fitted to sectioned bamboo walking sticks are noted. Bamboo canes were sometimes oxidized to give the canes a fuller finish, and although bamboo is not scratch resistant, antique bamboo is usually found in good condition if the canes were well made and properly taken care of.
Although rarely seen anymore, bamboo was once used to make many different types of weapons. From blow guns to sword canes, bamboo made light but strong weapons for many centuries.  Even gunpowder guns have been made
with the hollow tubes.