Antique Lightweight Wooden Tippling Gadget - Walking Stick/Cane - 86cm

SKU: G0851

Antique Walking Gadget Stick/Cane
 Tippling cane
This is a solid but lightweight wooden cane with the feature being that the handle unscrews at the lower collar to reveal a glass phial which sits in the inner of the shaft when the phial is inside the cane and the handle is screwed on it is unnoticeable that this is actually there
If you unscrew the top from the higher collar there is a hidden glass which is in imaculate condition, again when the top is screwed on this is unnoticeable 
Solid wooden cane shaft with the addition of a metal ferrule end, ready for use
The cane measures 86cm in length
2cm shaft diameter
3.5cm diameter top
The cane weighs 297 grams


Good condition. All solid and usable.

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