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This antique rustic walking stick features a hand-sculpted coppice handle featuring a Enlgish rose to the tip, and is surrounded with rose leaves.

The top is furnished with a brass collar

The shaft is made from hazel with twisted honeysuckle, and is finished with an original brass ferrule.
' As the honeysuckle grows it wraps itself around the hazel which tightens over time with growth leaving incredible spirals in the hazel wood.'

Unique stick, perfect for a collector or for use.

Length - 90cm
Diameter across the top - 5.6cm
Diameter of the shaft under the head - 2.2cm
Weight - 275g


Good condition, some minor surface oxidization & minor hairline split to the collar. 

Antique Rustic Walking Stick - Hand-Sculpted English Rose Handle & Brass Collar

SKU: A225738838691
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