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This stick features a cook handle with a root ball end, furnished with a gold-plated collar embossed with the maker:
'Swaine London, also known as Swaine Adeney Brigg, perfected its sophisticated and traditional designs, rendering them as a world-class British manufacturer of the highest quality whips and sticks' 

Bamboo shaft with a brass ferrule

Unique stick by a top maker, perfect for use or a collector.

Length - 85cm
Diameter of the handle outwards - 13.3cm
Diameter of the shaft - 2.2cm
Weight - 220g


Good condition with very minor gold loss around the edges, small chip to the bottom above the ferrule.

Vintage Bamboo Walking Stick / Cane - Crook Handle & Gold Collar By Swaine Brigg

SKU: A225755759578
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