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Edwardian Gents Hunt Whip And Beaufort Leather Thong
By John Boulton & Co Makers

John Boulton & Co previously worked for famous G&J ZAIR for over 17 years prior to his own company
J.Boulton was on his own from 1907 in Birmingham

Traditional antler handle with the addition of 2 nickel silver collars and a leather-clad grip between the 2 collars
The whip has a solid plaited linen steel lined shaft with original leather end and replaced beaufort leather thong

Please note that the terms "Ladies" "Gents" "Youths" "Child's" is a guide only as horses and riders vary in size and require different-sized whips
Please refer to all measurements below to help with your decision

Length (excluding the leather end):- 55cm
Length of handle:- 12.5cm
Diameter of shaft:- 1.75cm
Length of the leather thong:- 135cm 





Edwardian J.Boulton & Co Steel Lined Gents Hunt Whip With Beaufort Leather Thong

SKU: G175431119623
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