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This is a WW2 military swagger stick featuring a nickel silver pommel top displaying the emblem for: 
'St Bees School OTC'  
'The History of St. Bees School encompasses more than four hundred years of British history. It was founded in 1583 as a Free Grammar School by the dying Archbishop of Canterbury, Edmund Grindal, who refused to resign his position until Elizabeth I agreed to sign the school into existence. During the course of the war seventy-two bees boys gave their lives for their country.' 

Cane shaft with a metal ferrule
A historical swagger, ideal for a military collector 
Length - 65.5cm 
Diameter of the shaft under the top - 1.1cm 
Diameter of the top - 1.5cm 
Weight - 61g 


Very good condition with some minor age marks.

WW2 Military St Bees School Officer Training Corps Swagger Stick - Silver Top

SKU: A225813293806
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