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This Sunday stick has a coppice handle, perfect for use as a putter.

The stick has a strong fruitwood shaft and an original metal ferrule.

'Sunday sticks were manufactured because of the ban on golfing on the Sabbath, Sunday. They fashioned the canes with a golf club head as a handle and they became known as 'Sunday Clubs' or 'Sabbath sticks'. It is said that on the Sabbath a Sunday Club owner, when nobody was looking, could still enjoy a crafty putt or swing.

Length - 89.5cm 
Diameter of the shaft under the handle - 2.4cm
Diameter of the handle outwards - 7.8cm
Weight - 290g


Good condition with some surface use marks consistent with age

Antique Fruitwood Rustic Walking Cane / Sunday Golf Stick - Coppice Handle

SKU: A225869809002
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