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This is a rare gadget stick, featuring a rounded diospyros wood top which is furnished with a silver collar with hallmarks for: 

'London 1891' 

And a silver mounters mark: 


or the famous London-based stick and whip mounter: 

'George William Vose' 

The ball top pulls up to reveal the hunting hound measuring stick, complete with measurements in both inches and centimetres, a pull-out brass level with its original spirit level and is embossed with the maker: 

'Callow & Sons  Park Lane  London' 
'Thomas Calow & Sons were founded in 1841 by Thomas Callow. By 1852 the firm became Thomas Callow & Son, and eventually the company changed to Oscar Callow in 1925. They were known as top-quality and high-class makers of whips, and occasionally unique gadget canes' 

Measures up to 30" / 75cm 

Malacca shaft onto which the inch measurements continue, complete with an original metal ferrule. 

The perfect rare item for a collector. 


Length when closed - 44.5cm 

Length when fully opened - 80.5cm 

Diameter of the top - 4.1cm

Diameter of the shaft under the top - 2.2cm 

Weight - 185g 


Good condition with some small age marks to the shaft, adds to the character of this rare item.

Victoria Era Hound Measuring Gadget Stick Hallmarked Silver 1891 - Callow & Sons

SKU: A225542852528
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