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Antique Brass Inkwell Holder With Two Inkwells

This antique brass inkwell holder features a lovely floral pattern with the addition of two glass inkwells fitted into the holder

Made in Germany
Stamped to the back of the holder is

The Inkwell holder measures
23cm long
13.5cm wide
7cm tall

DRGM means Deutsches Reichsgebrauchsmuster and stands for the design/function of an item being officially registered inside all of the Germany states and not just a single local registration.
DRGM was introduced in 1891 and continued to be utilized up until 1949.
The registration was valid for three years.
The DRGM registration offered copyright protection for the duration of three years and included the right to indicate the item status by marking the registered items with the DRGM acronym 
It was left to the registered owner to include the reg number as the DRGM marking alone was the element with a legal character
DRGM registered products were protected either for their way to intending use or design only without patent protection.
Patent rights were secured by applying for a Deutsches Reichspatent.

Antique German Brass Floral Desk Inkwell Holder With 2 Glass Inkwells 'D.R.G.M'

SKU: G174044200340
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