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This is a rare antique horse riding whip, featuring a solid brass hammer head top. The hammer would have originally been used to aid in opening and closing gates, breaking locks and replacing shoes. The hammer is embossed with the maker: 
'Brinner Maker' 
Features a twisted hand part furnished with 2 collars, all of which along with the shaft are plaited gut. 
Original brown leather end with a brown plaited leather lash with a cord end 
A highly collectable item with a historical patina. 
This item has free UK delivery and is returnable if unsuitable 
Length from the top to the end of the binding - 65cm 
Length of the hammer outwards - 5cm 
Diameter of the shaft under the bottom collar - 1.6cm 
Lash length not including cord end - 100cm 
Weight - 300g 


Good condition with some expected surface oxidization to the brass, minor wear to the shaft and old restoration to the binding, replaced lash.

Antique Horse Riding Hunting Whip Brass Hammer Handle & Leather Lash By Brinner

SKU: A225792306136
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