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Antique Dress/Walking Cane

Detailed Information

This antique dress/walking cane features a silver plated handle in the form of a cherub laying across a branch of a tree
The handle is weighted with the addition of a bold collar which displays an engraved cartouche with initials 'T.V.' 
The handle sits onto a very interesting, twisted and durable vine wood shaft which is finished with the addition of a brass ferrule end


Overall length - 88cm
Width of the handle - 7.5cm
Diameter of the shaft below the twists - 1.5cm
Diameter of the shaft at the widest point (on the twist) - 3cm


280 grams / 0.28 KG




This cane is in good condition, with a slight flex to the shaft (not ideal for reliable weight bearing use)


Antique Silver Cherub Design Vine Wood Dress/Walking Cane - Embossed With 'T.V.'

SKU: G175029429984
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