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This antique driving whip features a brown English leather plaited handle, furnished with a nickel silver collar and end, with a makers name:
'Edward Goddard Ltd
Made in England'

'Edward Goddard were established in 1887 and are the oldest surviving whip manufacturer in the UK.
The company has sold over 12 million whips, with approximately 60% exported throughout the world.'

The whip has a holly shaft furnished with a white leather lash and long cord end

Perfect item for a collector or for use

Length from the bottom to the end of the lash binding - 138cm
Lash length from the end of the binding including cord - 162cm

Diameter of the end - 2.3cm
Length from the end to the top of the collar - 22.5cm
Shaft diameter above the collar - 1.4cm
Weight - 210g


Good condition with some oxidization and small use marks to the silver, minor shaft varnish loss. 

Vintage Holly Horse Driving Whip - Plaited Leather Handle & Silver By E.Goddard

SKU: A225792260878
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