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This walking cane features an intricate art nouveau floral silver plated fritz handle.

Under the handle is a silver collar hallmarked for:
'London 1987'
With a makers mark:
For the renowned London-based walking sick and umbrella manufacturers:
'James Smith & Sons'

'In 1830, a Mr Smith founded the now-famous firm of James Smith and Sons at Foubert’s Place, just off Regent Street in London’s West End. The items were made in a small workshop in the back of the shop and then sold to customers at the front. The shop is currently located in Hazelwood House, London.' ​

Lastly, the collar has a presentation for the original owner:
'To John Heard
from 'The Firm' and Friends
The Robin Hood

Varnished maple shaft with an original metal ferrule

An attractive item, ideal for use or for a collector 
Length - 87.5cm 
Length of the handle - 12cm 
Diameter of the shaft under the collar - 1.9cm 
Weight - 331g 


Very good condition with some minor age marks to the shaft. 

Vintage Walking Stick Intricate Art Nouveau Handle Hallmarked 1987 Silver By J.S

SKU: A226190492600
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