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This is a vintage walking stick / drill cane which features a military regiment pommel top
Displaying the badge of The Royal Lincolnshire Regiment
This regiment imalgumated with another regiment during the second world war where they became the Royal Lincolnshire Regiment

The cane has a sturdy malacca cane shaft and is finished with a metal ferrule end, ready for use

The cane measures 90cm tall with a 9cm diameter ball top and a 9cm diameter shaft
Overall weight 250 grams

Early in the 20th century, Malacca was referred to as the “King of Canes.” Malacca is one species of rattan found on the coast of Sumatra.
Rattan palms have long, slender stems, and were perfect for fashioning walking sticks.
The stem is not round, but has a ridge or spine, often called a “teardrop,” running along its length. It is very light-weight, yet strong, with no two specimens being alike. The stem is made up of links with joints or nodes at both ends like bamboo, but is not hollow like bamboo.
The bark is strong, with what appears to be a satiny, natural gloss or surface glaze. Color varies from brown to blond or reddish amber8

World War II Military Royal Lincolnshire Regiment' Walking Stick / Drill Cane

SKU: G186100774505
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