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This military horse riding whip features a brown English leather cladded handle, furnished with a nickel-plated brass top and collar.

The top features a military emblem for:

'Royal Engineers'

'The Corps of Royal Engineers, usually called the Royal Engineers (RE), and commonly known as the Sappers, is a corps of the British Army founded in 1716.'

The top is also embossed:
'Steel Lined'

Intricately plaited steel-lined linen shaft with an original brown leather end

Perfect for a collector or for use.

Length from the top to the end of the binding - 76.5cm
Diameter of the shaft under the collar - 1.4cm tapering to 0.4cm 
Diameter of the top - 1.9cm
Weight - 80g


Good condition with use marks to the top and collar, minor creasing to the leather and old restoration to the shaft.

WW1 Military Royal Engineers Steel Lined Horse Riding Whip - Leather Handle

SKU: A225792264593
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