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This world war 1 Austrian/Swiss walking stick features hand carvings of an Edelweiss which is a white flower found high in the Alps
Carved below the Edelweiss is 'Weggis AMA 1914' 
The wooden cane shaft is then complete with different Swiss/Austrian place names which have been carved by hand into the shaft from top to bottom (see below for a full list of places which are carved)
The cane is finished with the addition of a metal ferrule end, ready for use

Along with the cane is a canvas plan of the Battle Of Rorkes Drift after 19:00 hours which is drawn onto thick canvas which is dated 1879 
The Battle of Rorke’s Drift took place on 22 and 23 January 1879 during the Zulu War (1879)
A huge force of Zulus attacked a small garrison of British and colonial soldiers who ultimately repelled their assault after more than 12 hours of bitter fighting

The cities. towns and villages which have been carved into the cane shaft are listed below;

"Les Avants" 
"Kleine Rigi"

The cane measures 90cm tall with a 16cm wide crook handle and a 2cm diameter shaft 

The canvas plan measures 83cm by 120cm


In good condition.

WW1 Swiss Carved Walking Stick With Canvas Plan of The Battle of Rorke’s Drift

SKU: G174019381641
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