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This riding whip features a tan cladded leather handle, furnished with a nickel silver top and collar. The top is furnished with the emblem for:
'Grenadier Guards'
'The Grenadier Guards is the most senior infantry regiment of the British Army, being at the top of the Infantry Order of Precedence. It can trace its lineage back to 1656 when Lord Wentworth's Regiment was raised in Bruges to protect the exiled Charles II.'

Along with:
'Made in England'

Plaited linen shaft with a replaced leather end.

The perfect historical item for a military collector

Length to the end of the binding - 83.5cm
Diameter of the top - 2.2cm
Diameter of the shaft under the collar - 1.4cm
Weight - 116g


Good condition with some dings to the top, replaced leather end.

WW2 Military English Made Grenadier Guards Riding Whip - Silver Top & Collar

SKU: A225883128210
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